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Twickenham Lido
Twickenham Lido, 1940s- an art deco lido on the Thames
Postcard courtesy of Alan Winter


Twickenham Lido 1960s
Twickenham Lido 1960s

Twickenham Lido, 1960s
Photos by Frederick Wilfred, Copyright Russell Wilfred



Twickenham Lido c1950
Photo courtesy Michael Nancollas
June Nancollas (my mum), me Michael Nancollas, Gloria Peacock, Don Partridge (my cousin the busker) and our neighbour Lewis Mould who owned the Lynton Cafe in Water Lane. The Man at the back in the white coat was probably Mr Bates the butcher.

Twickenham Baths 1953 from my bedroom window 27A King Street Twickenham  Michael Nancollas

Twickenham Swiiming Baths taken as they were left derelict in the 1990’s
Photos by Michael Nancollas


Twickenham Lido Mass Baptism
Twickenham Lido, Mass Baptism 1961