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Richmond Bridge Lido
August 1929

Richmond Bridge LidoA hot summer in 1929 encouraged the building of a temporary Lido in the River Thames for bathers to enjoy the water. This part of the River Thames was dominated by the beautiful bridge built in 1777 from which this picture was taken. Around the bridge all manner of boating craft could be hired for pleasure or sport and a fine selection were moored around the Lido. The least energetic could hire a boat for a gentle cruise or row up and down the river and enjoy the peaceful countryside of Surrey, rich in parks and gardens.

The reprinted image on the front shows a wonderful example of a 1929 natural lido in the river between Richmond and Twickenham. Very much a Heath Robinson job by the look of it with diving board to the left and a waterslide to the right. I would imagine that today’s health and safety spoilsports would shut something like this down immediately. (Alan Winter)

Image courtesy Alan Winter


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