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Teddington Lido
1931 to 1975

Teddington Lido Teddington Lido 19th October 1931

Teddington swimming pool was originally a lido built in 1931 and closed in 1976. It was rebuilt as an indoor pool.

Teddington Lido was on the same site as today’s indoor swimming pool although it took over quite a bit of the play area. Now covered the baths has a gym and disabled facilities -plus a swimming club at which my children were founder members. (Brian Holder)

“Teddington pool was where I first learnt to swim in the 1950's. It was open air and was always freezing as the sun never seemed to reach the water and obviously not heated. On the far side was a tall tiered seating.”

“Teddington didn't have anywhere as I remember to eat so it was mainly about a swim. Then when my girls arrived I took them weekly as I wanted them to swim and enjoy it at a much younger age than I had,” (Brenda Whittaker)

"I worked at the National Physical Laboratory from 1961 into the 1980's.
For the first 10 years I worked with someone who used to go to the Teddington outdoor pool every lunch time from when it opened in the Spring until it closed in the Autumn. He would swim and then sit on the pool-side and eat his packed lunch." (Michael Bangham)

Teddington Lido Teddington Lido

Teddington LidoTwo Twickenham residents remember:
I used to take my children to Teddington pool after it had reopened as an indoor pool – around the end of 1970 and the beginning of 1980. As well as the main swimming pool there was a small pool for learners.

My neighbour recalls that he went to Teddington when it was an outside pool in the 1970s. On Sunday afternoons in the summer he would spend two to three hours there meeting friends and socializing.

He said there was a snack bar where he bought crisps and sweets and tea, coffee and colas were available.

His main recollection was that it was “a good opportunity to meet and chat up girls”

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